How to charge iphone 12 pro max properly for the first time

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In this article, we will guide you on How to charge iphone 12 Pro Max properly for the first time. 

What Comes With the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

lighting to usb-c charging cable How to charge iphone 12 pro max	properly for the first time

Every iPhone 12 comes with a Lightning-to-USB-C cable, and that’s pretty much it. So out of the box, those who don't currently have any Apple power adapters will need a USB-C power adapter to charge the iPhone 12.

Plus, this is the first iPhone to ship without EarPods, so you'll need to supply your own headphones to listen to music and podcasts. Apple sells its own AirPods wireless earbuds, but there are plenty of alternatives that won't break the bank, not to mention our picks for best wireless headphones and those made with runners in mind.

As Apple explained during its iPhone 12 event, excluding the power adapter reduces the size of the box. This means 70 percent more devices can fit on a shipping palette, which means more iPhone 12 devices can ship to users. Smaller boxes also allow Apple to reduce yearly carbon emissions by 2 million metric tons, it says.

How Do I Charge the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Apple has not fully transitioned the iPhone to USB-C—which typically provides faster charging speeds—or removed ports altogether, so the iPhone 12 still includes the typical Lightning charge port. This means you can use an existing Lightning cable and traditional USB-A power adapter to charge your iPhone 12. With the included Lightning-to-USB-C cable, though, you can also plug your iPhone 12 into your Mac laptop.

Additionally, the iPhone 12 is compatible with current Qi wireless charging pads. However, Apple's main focus for charging the iPhone 12 (and likely future phones) is the new, built-in, fast charging MagSafe magnetic power connector.

So we have a few options to get your iPhone 12 Pro Max charged till you get a power adapter or wireless charger for it:

1. Use your previous iPhone charger

1. Use your previous iPhone charger How to charge iphone 12 pro max	properly for the first time

That’s right, your new iPhone 12 can also be charged with your previous iPhone charger.

2. Use your MacBook

2. Use your MacBook How to charge iphone 12 pro max	properly for the first time

Connect the USB-C to Lightning cable that came in the box with the iPhone 12 to your MacBook. Old MacBooks may not support USB-C cables, so if your MacBook supports USB-C, you could go with this option.

3. Use a wireless charger

3-in-1 Wireless Charger for iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods | Belkin

The iPhone 12 also supports wireless charging. So if you got a wireless charger for your previous phone, you could just use that.

Buy an adapter or a wireless charger

While the options we listed are temporarily solutions and may not be suitable for you, you may consider buying a power adapter or a wireless charger for it.

I personally bought the Belkin 3 in 1 wireless charger for my iPhone 12 Pro. It made charging very easy as I don’t have to plug in my phone always.

How to charge iphone 12 pro max properly

I know it seems ridiculous to keep 100 percent iPhone battery health but still, it’s necessary to know the best tips to prolong the iPhone battery health. So, in this guide, we are going to share the 9 best tips to maintain 100% iPhone 12 Pro Max battery health.

However, as you all know the iPhone device doesn’t come with a big battery capacity like Android smartphones which have around 4000, 5000, or even 7000 mAh. In the meantime, the latest iPhone giants like iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max has a battery capacity of 3687 mAh and 3964 mAh respectively, which is less as compared to it’s counterpart Android.

However, The Maximum Capacity Readout gives an estimate of the total capacity the battery will carry. New phones are expected to report a 100% iPhone battery health. Lower Maximum Power means the iPhone won’t last as long between charges. Apple says that the iPhone that used 500 cycles should still retain around 80% of its original capacity. So after 1,000 cycles, you should still have 50–60 percent of the battery capacity remaining, and 30–40 percent after 1500 cycles, etc.

iPhone Battery Health How to charge iphone 12 pro max

Apple is using lithium-ion batteries as an iPhone battery. Compared to traditional battery technology, How to charge iphone 12 pro max lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer, and have a higher power density for longer battery life in a smaller box. When you know a little bit about how they’re operating, they can work a lot better for you.

Meanwhile, Apple’s lithium-ion battery uses fast charging to quickly reach 80 percent of its power and then turns to slower charging. The amount of time it takes to hit the first 80 percent can vary depending on your settings and which system you’re paying for. The combined cycle not only helps you get out of here but also increases the life of your battery.

How to Keep 100 Percent iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Health

Now, this is the general question that every iPhone users ask themselves that how to maintain 100% iPhone battery health in case of purchasing a brand new and expensive iPhone like iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and some other models. Don’t worry! Here, we will provide 10 absolutely vital tips to keep 100% iPhone battery healthy.

Here are the best 9 tips to keep 100 percent iPhone battery health:

How to charge iphone 12 pro max1. Enable Low Power Mode

The Low Power Mode lowers the total power requirement and allows the battery to last longer. Apple claims that the mode will allow your iPhone to gain three additional hours of battery life. The default option that occurs automatically in the background is not the Low Power Mode.

When you enter the remaining 20 percent power, it will be automatically provided: you will see a warning flash and the option to turn on Low Power Mode. Do this and you will find that the indicator for the battery turns orange rather than red (or green would be if you had enough power). When you charge past 80 percent, the mode will be switched off automatically again.

How to charge iphone 12 pro max, By stopping Mail Fetch, Hey Siri, background refresh apps, automatic updates, and some visual effects, Low Power Mode can reduce power consumption. In fact, on our iPhone, all these features have already been switched off but Low Power Mode still seems to have an effect.

Enable Low Power Mode:

  • Go to Settings.

  • Tap Battery.

  • Turn on Low Power Mode.

9 Best Tips to Prolong the iPhone Battery Health (Keep 100% Battery)

2. Enable Optimised Battery Charging Option on iOS 14

A new feature in the latest iOS 13 that is enabled by default under battery health is another thing you should consider doing to maintain and maintain good battery health on your iPhone, and that’s called “Optimised Battery Charging” If you have this feature on, keep it running because it also helps the device to keep the battery safe. What it does, it’ll charge up to 80 percent for your iPhone before you’re able to use it again and then the remaining 20 percent will continue to charge until you pick it up in the morning.

Enable Optimised Battery Charging: How to charge iphone 12 pro max
  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Select Battery Health.
  • Turn on Optimised Battery Charging.

9 Best Tips to Prolong the iPhone Battery Health (Keep 100% Battery)

3. How to charge iphone 12 pro max Enable Dark Mode

How to charge iphone 12 pro max Dark Mode is a new feature that comes in iOS 13. One benefit of the mode is that it can make your screen more pleasant to see, and less pressure on your eyes if you look at it in a darkened room (like you might at night). Another benefit is that by switching off the colors on your iPhone you will need less power to light up the display, so it’s a good idea to turn on Dark Mode.

Enable Dark Mode:
  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap Display & Brightness.
  • Select Dark.

9 Best Tips to Prolong the iPhone Battery Health (Keep 100% Battery)

4. How to charge iphone 12 pro max Set Auto-Lock as Low as Possible

While the screen is on, you’re consuming power and charge, so make sure your iPhone or iPad isn’t awake when you don’t need it to be. It’s smart to set the Auto-Lock to an ultra-low 30 seconds if you want to maintain 100% iPhone battery health.

To Set Auto-Lock:

  • How to charge iphone 12 pro max Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap Display & Brightness.
  • Select Auto-Lock.
  • Set your device to sleep after 30 seconds of inactivity.

5. How to charge iphone 12 pro max Enable Auto-Brightness

Another trick to keep your iPhone battery healthy is to turn the brightness down or allow Auto-Brightness. It takes a lot of energy to illuminate the pixels on the Retina display of your device. In fact, the single biggest iPhone and iPad battery killer we found in testing was the excessive brightness of the screen. A couple of years ago, we found that the iPhone 5 lasted 6 hours, 21 minutes when watching 720p video at maximum brightness. The same phone lasted 9 hours, 48 minutes when the screen was changed to half a brightness. This is a gigantic difference.

Enable Auto-Brightness:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Select Display & Text Size.
  • Turn the Auto-Brightness on.

9 Best Tips to Prolong the iPhone Battery Health (Keep 100% Battery)

6. Protect Your iPhone From OverHeating

How to charge iphone 12 pro max Most people are leaving their iPhones in their dash, in their vehicles, or on the beach. We’re sitting in direct sunshine, and we’re leaving them out. This really affects the life of the battery, because when you keep it under a warmer atmosphere, it won’t retain its charge in the long run. All you need to do is always try to cover your phone under direct sunlight when you’re at the beach and avoid leaving, particularly in-car dash, etc. So, stop long-term high temperatures that directly hit your iPhone. If your iPhone hits the light, that’s going to kill the battery. That’s something you want to keep in mind, too.

7. Don’t Charge Your iPhone All the Way to 100%

Older types of batteries had a ‘battery memory.’ If you haven’t charged them as much as you should and discharged them to zero tanks they’ve remembered and restricted their range of use. It was better because of their longevity if you were tired and fully charging the battery.

Newer phone batteries, meanwhile, operate in a particular way. It insists that the battery is completely depleted or fully charged. Phone batteries are the happiest if you keep them above 20 percent capacity and below 90 percent capacity. To be extremely accurate, they have the happiest potential of about 50 percent.

8. Use Original Charger

One of the most important and useful tips to prolong your iPhone’s battery health is to use the original chargers and accessories. Always use the original iPhone charger, otherwise, you might cause harm to the battery of the iPhone by using cheap chargers. In the meantime, these Apple chargers are specifically tailored to charge your devices, and they have all the technology needed to provide you with the most optimal charging conditions and stability for charging your devices.

9. Update iOS

The last tip for keeping your iPhone battery healthy is to update your iOS periodically. When you have minor problems with an iPad or iPhone, updating to the latest version of iOS is usually an all-purpose remedy; Apple uses its daily free) operating system updates to fix a flaw, bug, and glitch, and it is entirely possible that a problem you are experiencing can be solved with a quick upgrade to your OS. That includes problems with the batteries.


1. Can I leave my iPhone 12 Pro Max charging overnight?

Yes, it is fine to use it overnight, although if you don't already have the option turned on, I suggest selecting the option to optimize battery charging which helps avoid letting it sit at 100% plugged in all night.

2. How often should I charge my iPhone 12 pro?

The Best Practice, however, is to charge the phone overnight, every night. As it stops automatically at 100% you can't overcharge it doing this. You thus start the day with a fully charged phone.

3. How do I keep my iPhone battery at 100%?'

  • Understand how your phone battery degrades. ...
  • Avoid extremes of heat and cold. ...
  • Avoid fast charging. ...
  • Avoid draining your phone battery all the way to 0% or charging it all the way to 100%. ...
  • Charge your phone to 50% for long-term storage. ...
  • Turn down the screen brightness.

4. Does the iPhone 12 stop charging at 100?

The iPhone kind of stops charging when it reaches 100%. The way the iPhone charges is that it fast charges to 80% and then it charges slower to 100%. Once it reaches 100%, the charging cycles on and off — called trickle charging — to keep the battery at 100%.

5. Should I turn off my iPhone 12 at night?

If you're not using your device or computer for anything at night, it is better to shut down. It will extend the life of a PC/Mac and let your iPhone or iPad battery last longer.

6. Should I charge my iPhone 12 before first use?

A new iPhone comes with around 50% charge on its battery. You can start using it out of the box and there's no need to charge it fully before starting to use it.

Final Words

This post was all about how to prolong the iPhone battery health and we have mentioned the best useful tips to keep your iPhone 12 Pro Max’s battery healthy and last longer. Keep in mind that the batteries degrade over time, so you can see the percentage of the battery or the power falling over the years, which is going to be considered natural. But if you follow these simple tips, you’ll get a lot better on your iPhone battery life.

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