The Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 - S10 Plus - S10e

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The Best Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series 

The Best Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

Here are some of our favorite picks for the best Galaxy S10 case in every style, from rugged armor cases to leather covers to polycarbonate cases and even a clear case. Some of the recommendations for these Galaxy S series cases are based on our experience with the preceding Galaxy S9S20, Note 20, and Fold versions. I regularly update this roundup with new picks as more candidates arrive.

Samsung Galaxy S10 

If you haven't yet gotten your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series, you still might be hanging onto last year's Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus, which is still a terrific high-end phone for a reasonable price. Whether you purchased the small (Galaxy S10E), medium (Galaxy S10), or large (Galaxy S10 Plus) from the Galaxy S10 series, there are plenty of Samsung Galaxy S10 plus & S10 Plus case options out there for your device. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may no longer be Samsung‘s top phone, but you might not know that by looking at it. It’s a gorgeous piece of design, with an almost seamless glass design, an all-encompassing display, and powerful specs that show you can have beauty and brains at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or S10+

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is all about maximizing screen space with its edge-to-edge display and lack of bezel. The 6.1-inch Super AMOLED display and high screen-to-body ratio are ideal if you use your phone to watch videos or read news stories. Unfortunately, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus’s attractive design that makes it susceptible to damage. Protecting your phone’s display with a case or cover is a simple and effective way of preventing scratches and cracks. Using a phone case or cover for your Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus (Galaxy S10+) is also a fun way of personalizing your device.

Samsung Galaxy Phone Case & Cover

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When you purchase a new smartphone, it's a bit of an investment. Nowadays, your entire life can be on your mobile device, from checking email, chatting on social media, and staying in touch with loved ones.

It makes sense to want to protect your device from the damage that often comes from unexpected drops or bangs. Who wants a phone that looks bad and performs at less than optimal levels because of a fall? Nobody! Thankfully, Walmart Canada has a wide range of options when it comes to both a Samsung Galaxy case and a Samsung Galaxy S10 series case. And not just basic, flimsy security. We offer ones with superior drop protection in many color options. With the right case, your phone can look good and stay free of damage.

How to choose The best Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus cases?

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has been on the market for some time now, and in many ways (not least physical size) it has proven to be a big hit for the South Korean firm.

With a great set of cameras, good battery life, a jaw-dropping screen, and a svelte design it really is the complete hardware package. As ever, it also comes with a correspondingly huge price tag, especially if certain memory and RAM combinations are chosen. So what better way to protect your investment than by slapping a decent case on it?

Luckily, as ever with devices as popular as the Galaxy S line, there are a plethora of options currently on the market. We’ve chosen a few that we particularly like, and put them into the handy list below - there are choices for those who value protection, for those who fancy fashion, and a few really solid budget options, so really something for everyone.

Magnetic Ring Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Brand new Design Ultra Thin Car Magetic Soft Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

This unique Galaxy S10 Plus case from Banana shop is not the most robust protective case, but it has a built-in ring holder that helps prevent drops from ever happening. The ring on its rear acts as a finger grip to help keep this behemoth 6.4-inch phone in your hand.

This ring also acts as a sort of kickstand and even has ferrous material in its base so that it works with magnetic car mounts. The ring folds down when not in use and you can even wireless charge and PowerShare through it.

Leather Mirror Plexiglass Case for Samsung S10 Series Note 10 Series

Leather Mirror PlexiGlass case is a visual delight. The 3D geometric pattern on the back helps set this phone apart from the competition, but this phone is about more than just good looks. The pattern also provides a little extra grip to keep this 6.4-inch phone in your hands when it needs to be.

This case also has a decent bumper frame protecting the four corners of your device. They are, after all, the place where the phone is most likely to come into contact with the ground. On the rare occasion that you drop your phone face (or rear) down, this case’s raised bezel helps blunt the impact and hopefully keep the screen from hitting the ground.

It is not the sturdiest case out there, as it opts for a balance of portability and protection, but there won’t be too many situations where an extra couple millimeters of rubber will make the difference (unless we’re talking about one versus none). This case works with Wireless PowerShare and wireless charging alike.

Brand new Design Ultra-Thin Car Magnetic Soft Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Series

Brand new Design Ultra Thin Car Magetic Soft Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

Ultra-thin car magnetic case is an inexpensive clear case option that fully shows off the beauty of your stock S10+ phone. This case is slim, lightweight, and clear, making it the very definition of inobtrusive.

Of course, this comes at the cost of limited impact resistance, so don’t expect this case to survive drops from high places. Clear cases such as this one are usually better for resisting scratches. They can be scuffed up by any number of porous materials and still like crystal clear. And while clear cases do tend to yellow with long-term UV exposure, Trianium offers a lifetime warranty so that you can always swap your case out for a new one if it does happen to discolor.

Ultra-Thin 0.2mm Luxury Plating Phone Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10 Plus Cases

Ultra Thin 0.2mm Luxury Plating Phone Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10 Plus

Whether the perforated look of the Luxury Plating Case astounds or repulses you, it is irrelevant considering this is one of the best Galaxy S10 Plus cases for protection on a budget. This case sports a dual-layer design that offers both shock-absorbing TPU and scratch-deflecting PC material to fortify your phone against most all first world problems.

It has air-cushioned corners that will protect your phone in accordance with military-grade drop test standards. It has a raised bezel that will lift the flat sides of your phone off the ground without interfering with wireless charging.

To sweeten the pot, Bananas also bundles in a 9H Luxury Plating Glass screen protector to use in conjunction with this case. The screen protector isn’t top quality but it’s not built into the case so you can always skip it if you want.

If you do use it and you value a foldout kickstand then you’ve got a love of reasons to love this case. This case is so useful that it almost lets you ignore its downright bizarre design.

Luxury Gradient Tempered Glass Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10 Plus S10e

Luxury Gradient Tempered Glass Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10 Plus S10e

The luxury tempered Glass Case is an iconic case that is made instantly recognizable by its signature rubber grip lining on the back. This stylish accent is for more than just looks, as its rubbery material gives the case an added grip that keeps your phone from slipping out of your hands. This is invaluable when the Galaxy S10 Plus’ 6.4-inch screen makes it more than a handful.

If your phone slips out of your pocket or off a slanted surface, the Presidio Grip’s air-cushioned bumper frame will mitigate some of the impact damage. This case doesn’t make your phone indestructible but it does adhere to military-grade drop test standards and that certainly counts for something. It has a slightly raised bezel to prevent the phone from landing right on its screen or rear camera array. It also works fine with wireless charging.

Because of how soft the rubber grip is, it is more delicate than the rest of the case and may fall off over time. Fortunately, Speck offers a lifetime warranty against this wear and tear. As long as you don’t downright abuse this case, it will make a lasting addition to your S10 Plus experience.

Leather Soft Silicone Edge Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10e S10 Plus

Leather Soft Silicone Edge Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10e S10 Plus

If your goal is to fully protect your Galaxy S10 Plus from all the daily perils, then the Banana store is a top choice among protective cases. It defends its contents on all sides with a two-piece design that protects the phone around its every contour.

Its front cover gives a generous bezel to protect your phone screen from a broadside drop and there is a plastic ring around the rear tri-camera array as well. Its edges are air-cushioned to mitigate the shock from impacts large and small. The clear PC backplate is resistant to scratches but will always be the first piece to show wear.

This case’s selection of protective features make it a little bulkier than other options, but not by much. Even if you’re short on pocket space, it will be worth it to fit the Bananas store phone case in with your S10+. Besides, this phone is already huge.

Ultra-Thin Transparent Clear Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus S10e

Ultra Thin Transparent Clear Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus S10e

The Transparent Clear Case manages to find the ideal balance between protection and portability, at least for this humble user. It is impressively slim considering it offers military-grade drop protection and a dual-layer design.

Other cases with these features tend to have trouble with the PowerShare feature of the S10+, but this case handles it no problem. It has a front piece that goes over the phone’s screen to provide a solid protective bezel. Its air-cushioned edges also protect the rear tri-camera array.

This case is not without its shortcomings, though. It could be a little grippier for certain, but its biggest flaw is that its volume buttons are actually slightly off in positioning. It makes these buttons a little harder to press but not impossible.

This might sound rough but trust me when I say the pros outweigh the cons for this case. There is much attention to detail and the case even has rubber port covers like a classic Bananas case would. The Poetic Hybrid case is still definitely a worthy pick.

Credit Card Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus S10e Note 9

Credit Card Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus S10e Note 9

The Bananas Leather Card Wallet Case from Bananas store Design is a gorgeous looking wallet case that is designed for simple card storage and solid protection. It is lightweight yet durable and its built-in card slot makes it only a bit larger than your average hybrid phone case.

To put it another way, this case does have some added bulk on its rear side, but it is not enough to interfere with wireless PowerSharing or charging (even with two credit cards stored in it). The Bananasstore’s card slot comfortably holds two credit cards, and they are easy to access thanks to the case’s sliding door.

While we love the colorful semi-clear design of the card slot door, some will not be comfortable with the fact that your card number will be easily viewable through it. On the other hand, others will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from being able to see that your cards are still where you expect them to be. Take that for what you will.

As a wallet, the Bananasstore is fairly minimalist, but as a case, it is quite capable. It has a nice grip to its edges and it has a raised bezel on the front of the case to protect your phone’s screen from a face-down drop. The card case on the rear does a good enough job on its own from protecting the phone’s rear tri-camera array.

If you can look past the fact that your credit cards can be seen through this case, you’re left with a well-designed product that I would still call one of the best Galaxy S10 Plus wallet cases.

360 Degree Shockproof Case + Lens Glass Film for For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10 Plus S10e

The Galaxy S10 Plus is the ideal candidate for a wallet case. Its large size means it is already going to be unwieldy in your pocket so you might as well get it a case that holds three credit cards plus cash.

The Shockproof Glass Film Cases does just that with its magnetic folio cover. The faux-leather folio cover barely adds any bulk, and additionally, it provides protection for your screen while you slide it into your pocket. It is also PowerShare friendly.

The downside of this folio cover is that it is made with low-quality material and lacks any form of grip. Considering it has decent (but not great) drop protection, this case gets a pass. Especially if it means you’ll throw away your ratty old billfold.

360 Full Protection Samsung Galaxy S10/Plus/S10e Ultra slim 0.3mm

360 Full Protection Samsung Galaxy S10/Plus/S10e Ultra slim 0.3mm

The Protection Defense Shield is a sturdy snap-on case that provides military-grade drop resistance to your phone while adding a unique style to its design. This case’s iridescent bumper frame is its signature look, which gives it a look like anodized aluminum.

Instead, it’s actually TPU plastic, which helps disperse shock and create a raised bezel for protecting the broadsides of your phone. The clear backplate is a nice visual touch although it does not provide much grip for the case.

One last cool feature of this case is that it has a specially designed acoustic channel that redirects sound coming from your phone’s speaker. I’ll bet that a case making your phone sound better was the last thing you expected to hear.

Art Glass Hard Back Cover For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10 Plus S10e

Art Glass Hard Back Cover For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10 Plus S10e

Since we’ve reviewed the Glass hard Back Cover Case for other phone models before, it comes as no surprise that this case is incredibly thin. The slim design is meant to add minimal bulk to the already huge S10+, but it also only adds minimal shock absorption as well.

The case does still have a raised bumper on each corner, which absorbs some shock and provides enough lift to prevent face-down drops from cracking your phone screen.

The clear back shows scratch easily but also helps show off the stock beauty of your phone. Its protection may be minimal but this is a great way to preserve the elegant look of your phone without leaving it vulnerable.

2020 Best Design Ultra Thin PU Leather Phone Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus S10e S8 S9 Note 8 9

2019 Best Design Ultra Thin PU Leather Phone Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus S10e S8 S9 Note 8 9

More realistically, you will be drawn to this case’s rugged drop protection on a budget. It meets military standards for drop protection and has a nice grippy edge to hold onto. Its edges are air-cushioned quite well and Bananasstore went the extra mile to add rubber port covers.

The only shortcoming of this case is that it is so thick that it doesn’t work with PowerShare when the device being charged also has a case. You might be able to get it to work on another caseless phone, but either way, it’s a bit of an inconvenience.

Carbon Fiber TPU Shockproof Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10 Plus S10e

Carbon Fiber TPU Shockproof Case For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10 Plus S10e

This bezel traces the Galaxy S10 Plus’ front screen and rear tri-camera array. It could easily make the difference between a broken screen and an intact one.

Since this phone is designed with pocket-friendliness above all else, it really doesn’t provide protection from actual drops. It does, however, have a nice grippy backplate to help prevent them in the first place. If you are fairly careful with your stuff, you can save some money by going for an inexpensive slim case like this one.

Do You Really Need a Case For Your Galaxy S10 Plus?

Samsung has taken special care to design the latest Galaxy phones to stand up against day-to-day abuse. But that won't stop innovative users such as myself from finding all-new ways to destroy their expensive tech.

If you're anything like me, the S10 Plus' durable glass-and-aluminum casing and IP68 water resistance rating probably won't cut it for the level of abuse you typically dish out. Or, maybe you just like to keep your new devices free of scratches and other blemishes.

Whatever your reasoning may be, you need a case for your Galaxy S10 Plus if you want to keep its screen and outer casing free from cracks and scratches.

How to Pick the Best Galaxy S10 Plus Case For Your Needs

We've taken care to curate a selection of only the best Galaxy S10 Plus cases for all needs and price ranges. Options range from ultra-slim cases that exclusively prevent scratches, to job site-ready defender cases that are designed to absorb impact per military-grade drop test standards.

So how do you pick the right one for your specific needs? It really helps to consider your history with past phones. How many of your last phones did you drop? Were they the same size as this phone?

Obviously, if there was a case style that was simultaneously the most protective and the most portable, that would be an easy pick. But the laws of physics can't be cheated: if you want a safer case you need to be okay with a bigger case.

If you need serious protection, bigger is better, and that's with or without military-grade drop protection. (A note to the reader: people are often surprised to find that military-grade drop testing isn't as important as it sounds.

No matter which of these factors you find most important, you'll be sure to find something for you if you give these cases a thorough look-through.

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