9D Screen Protector Tempered Glass For iPhone 12 Series

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1. Tempered glass, 9H hardness, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant

2. Plasma coating to control fingerprints and prevent oil pollution

3. Imported materials, sensitive touch, easy to fit

4. Full-screen coverage technology to protect mobile phones in all directions

More Consumers Real Feedback

The old "new borderless film" is actually a non-fullscreen film

1. Cutting hands is hard to use

2. No corner protection

3. Easy to accumulate dust on the edges

2021 New Upgraded Airbag Diamond Film

1. 10H bulletproof hardness

2. Explosion-proof enhancement

3. Full-screen full coverage

All-glass official original film

Customized for iPhone 12 Series

The best-tempered film for the new iPhone

The special grade tempered glass is really drop-proof, covering the edge is the real protection

1. Hardness Increased By 500%

2. Scratch Resistance increased By 40 Times

3. Full coverage No Dust

Really Drop Resistant Unbreakable Edges

Unbreakable edges/strong explosion-proof/full coverage

Explosion-Proof Level 10 Up To 40 Times

Airbag rebounds disintegrates the impact reduces the risk of screen burst

increased Explosion-proof Degree By 40 Times

Sponge deformation and decomposition of weight pressure

The film is not broken the screen is intact

50 Times The Drop Resistance

Effectively decompose impact force when falling, shock absorption and anti-fall

Hard Enough! Only Explosion-proof

No fear of daily scraping, the surface is as bright as new

Full-screen coverage full-screen protection

Fully upgrade the edge

HD And HighTransparency

The visual color is clearer and out of the real sense of the screen

Anti-fingerprint Increased By 20 Times

Physically efficient anti-fouling, deep purification without fingerprints, long-term use as new

Anti-greasy improvement 10 times

Anti-fingerprint enhancement 20 times

Block Harmful Blue Light, Relieve Eye Fatigue

Bless light waves to protect eyes and keep away from harmful blue light

Induction Does Not Block, Face Recognition

Accurate opening, non-destructive, rapid face sensing

Gaming grade tempered film

Smoother touch, more sensitive touch more accurate click

Can be used regardless of whether the top case is soft or hard

All kinds of mobile phone cases, no top case, no bubbles

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